Our Mission is to craft and share coffee in a way that elevates the entire coffee experience.
We strive to be Connected, Artistic, Unconventional, Sustainable, and Elevated.

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Our Team

Teresa Pilarz
Founder/Roaster/Barista Trainer

Good food & drink. Deep thought.
African single-origins.

“Sensory development, cupping, and mixology are endlessly fascinating.”

Amy Dage
Lead Barista/Creative Advisor

Fantasy novels. Homework. Route 606 brewed.

“I’m enchanted by this entire world that is specialty coffee.”

Ed Yashin
Lead Barista/Roasting Team

Music. Spontaneous travel. Straight espresso.

“The complexity of coffee is a constant discovery process. Fill yo’ cup till it runneth over-Holy Grail.”

Mike List
Lead Barista

Hitting things. Foreign cultures. Macchiato.

“I enjoy the variety of rituals and culture surrounding hot drinks.”

Lisa Vogras
Shift Supervisor

Blogging. Baking. Foreign cultures.
Coconut Lemongrass with coconut oil.

“I enjoy the creativity and self expression that accompanies the world of coffee culture.”

Philip Maassen
Lead Barista

Tabletop games. Limited contact Sports.
Craft beer appreciating.
Single Origin Espresso Over Ice.

“Coffee is a craft that is as broad and evocative as fine art.”

Emily Kollipara
Lead Barista

Renaissance art, Mountain biking.
Northern Michigan. Cappuccino.

“I dig working with and serving people who have passion for craft coffee.”

Sarah Dage
Shift Supervisor

Sewing. Puzzles. Japan. Japanese-style Iced.

“Coffee and conversation go together--how much better is it when the coffee is great?”

Courtney Gates
Lead Barista

Painting. Discovering new music. Animals. Chocolate milk cortado with coconut oil.

“I love the precision behind making a great tasting cup of coffee and the flow behind making something look beautiful.”

Ryan Ballard
Roasting Team

Guitar. Palate enhancing tastings & pairings. Physical comedy. Almond milk Caramelo.

“There are well over 800 aromatic compounds currently found in coffee. Awesome.”

Greg Manni

Bicycles. Plants. Frisbee. Route 606 brewed.

“Coffee is the sounds of connection and friendship, diverse tastes, sweet smells, heat, and color.”

Mercedes Black

Therapy dogs. Languages. Styling wigs.
Extra dry latte.

"I love meeting people (and their puppies) from all walks of life, coming together for a comforting cup of coffee.”

Julian Sanchez

Gardening. Drawing. Writing.
Gardenia Latte.

“Working in coffee I get to meet lots of interesting people.”

Our Location

606 S. Main St.
Plymouth, MI 48170