Aeropress Love

photoHere in the shop, we have several awesome brewing methods that transform, enhance, and highlight different aspects of coffee. Teresa shared her favorite–the Clever Dripper–in an earlier post and now I want to share mine.

I absolutely love and adore the Aeropress. This tiny little contraption can appear quite daunting and I must admit that when I first laid eyes on it, I was definitely daunted. But once I jumped in and learned about its fantastic, coffee-making power, I was a believer and I was hooked.

This pint-sized brewer packs a punch in a few different ways and its possibilities are endless! You can easily google one of the million different ways to make coffee with it. In the shop, we use the inverted method, which yields about seven ounces and produces a clean, smooth cup. But alas, my preferred method is the traditional one which yields about two ounces of coffee. It ends up being espresso-like and I either steam milk with it, add water, or just drink it by itself. It’s such a quick and easy way to make a delicious shot of espresso!

The versatility of the Aeropress makes for endless experiments and brewing fun–not to mention the benefit of consuming the amazing flavor it produces.

Any way you brew it, you can’t go wrong with Aeropress and that’s why I love it so dearly. Stop in and see me today and I will gladly make you a cup!


Keeping Plymouth Unique

All around Downtown Plymouth, you’ll find that creativity is a huge staple. From yoga rooms to tea rooms, there are so many unique things to experience. At Espresso Elevado, we do our best to keep that creativity alive by offering you beverages that you’ve probably never experienced before.

Take, for example, the Lavender Vanilla Bean Latte. It’s creamy, lightly floral and lightly sweet-—where have you ever had such a delight? If Lavender isn’t your thing, why not try the Coconut Lemongrass Latte? It took 1st place at the 2011 Motown Throwdown, among some fierce competition. Hints of coconut milk, agave syrup and lemongrass come alive in whole milk and espresso, steamed to perfection.

“But what if I don’t like sweet drinks at all?” you may ask. No problem. We offer an array of awesome coffees from varying regions across the globe. If black coffee is your favorite choice, you might enjoy our Sulawesi for its fruity and juicy notes. If you prefer to add cream to your brew, you might like the MexiMela for its chocolaty, peanut butter notes. As you probably know, all of our coffee is roasted in-house and we cup each batch of beans to insure consistent quality and flavor notes.

Plymouth is a beehive buzzing with creativity and you’re a unique customer. There’s no one quite like you, and there isn’t a coffee shop quite like ours. It sounds like we’re a match made in heaven.

Stop in soon and try out something different. I think we would make a great team!


The Sociability of Coffee

Today, I overheard some customers talking about social beverages and it got me thinking about the sociability of coffee.

As a barista, I see and overhear so many things in the coffee shop. I’ve witnessed first dates, blind dates, business deals, job interviews, and meetings between friends.

Why do so many people choose coffee shops as the place to conduct their social business? Because coffee is warm and inviting and there’s a sense of peace and quiet comfort in a coffee shop.

It helps, too, that coffee is such an easy thing to bond over. Very few people dislike it and you can tell a lot about a person by the coffee they choose to drink.

I’m not sure how fruitful the dates and job interviews that I’ve witnessed in the past have become but one thing I do know for sure, is that they had at least one thing to talk about—the darn good cup of coffee sitting in front of them.

Have you ever had an interesting social experience in a coffee shop? Share your story with us! We’d love to hear it.


Join Team Elevado on the Zoo Walk

This past holiday season, we had our first Holiday Soiree and with generous donations from all of you, we were able to raise $500 for Grace Centers of Hope. If you haven’t already heard, we’re teaming up with Grace Centers of Hope again this summer for the 9th Annual Walk a Mile in My Shoes Walkathon! Signing up is really easy. All you have to do is visit From there, you can either become a walker and sign up for Team Elevado or simply just donate to our team. The walkathon will take place at the Detroit Zoo on June 7. So, not only do we get to change the lives of children, but we get to have fun and see a lot of cool animals at the same time! This is a great event for families looking to give back to the community.

Signing up costs $10 for adults, $5 for children ages 3-9, and free for children 2 and under. Any gift over the ticket amount applies to our goal of $500. We will be combining the money we raised from the soiree with the money we raise for the walkathon. Our anticipated total of $1000 will sponsor five homeless children through annual programs.

So, this summer we ask that you join us in helping change the lives of children. Together, we can show them that they do not walk alone.


Shop local & independent

When a small, independent business that you frequented closes its doors, it almost feels like a dear friend has died.  That’s how it was this week when I learned that Simple Sandwich in downtown Plymouth had closed.  Sure, I’ll miss the orzo salad, and my favorite BLT with chipotle mayo, but I’ll also miss walking over and talking with the owner, who I know put as much time, effort and dedication into his business as we do here.

Businesses close for a whole host of complex reasons, but one sure thing is that we all need our customers much more than they need us.  Independent businesses often do not have the resources, capital, and brand recognition enjoyed by the big box stores that dominate our landscape.  They do, however, offer a beacon of originality, and often superior quality that stands out in a sea of homogenous chains.

Yesterday, during an afternoon off, my husband and I discovered Fenton’s Open Book in downtown Fenton.  The woman that greeted us quickly found out it was our first visit, so along with a nice overview of what the store had to offer, she said they needed folks like us to come in and buy from them.  So we did, and had a great time!  Then she referred us to the candy store next door, which we also patronized, in addition to a few nice housewares shops, a thriving bakery called Crust, and The Laundry for dinner.

It was such a great evening that reminded me how satisfying it feels to plug into the local vibe.  So, if you find yourself in Fenton, check these places out.  And if you’re in the Plymouth area, please check us out… We need folks just like you to come buy from us!


My favorite brew method is so very Clever

I have an arsenal of fancy coffee equipment at my disposal, but what do I reach for almost each and every morning?  My Clever dripper!  I love the aromatic black coffee it makes with little effort, in a perfect 12oz size. It’s a clean, full-bodied cup without the sediment that french press has.

The Clever dripper doesn’t require an expensive kettle (although a gooseneck sure is nice!), and it uses regular #4 filters, which are readily available.  It’s also BPA free, is simple to master and could easily be packed for travel. Plus it’s easy to clean!

You can order Clever brews in our shop, and we also have the units available for you to take home.


Caramelo Sauce

From the moment we opened our doors, the Caramelo has been a Special House Drink.   This caramel latte, loved by many, is smooth, creamy, and delicious. Now, it’s even more delicious! We know what you’re thinking—there’s no way it could possibly get better—but it has. Before, our Caramelo sauce was made with a pre-made Dulce de Leche. It was awesome but we thought we could do even better than that. Now, our Caramelo sauce is homemade in the E2 kitchen! This keeps with our promise to be sustainable, as well as to serve innovative, handcrafted beverages unlike any other. Stop in and try our new and improved Caramelo today!


Common Coffee Misconceptions

The notion of quick coffee has become so widespread today that oftentimes, people forget to stop and appreciate the unique qualities that are in a true, handcrafted brew. It can surely be argued that the need for immediate gratification has led many coffee addicts to simply brush past the intricacies and go for the fix.

Here in the shop, we hear plenty of misconceptions. Here are a couple common ones:

  1. Expresso
    Contrary to popular belief, espresso is NOT called expresso and it will not shoot through the bloodstream of its consumer expressly more than a cup of regular ‘ol brewed coffee. In fact, one 12-ounce cup of brewed coffee holds slightly more caffeine than a double shot of espresso.
  2. The darker the coffee, the higher the caffeine.
    Many people seem to think that if coffee is roasted darker, it will give them more of a caffeine boost. So, many either shy away from darker roasts or cling to them for all they’re worth. However, the truth is darker roasts contain less caffeine because as the roast progresses, the caffeine content lessens.

So, tomorrow morning, when you’re in line at your favorite coffee shop, take time to learn and ask questions about what’s in your cup. Your ideal brew may be waiting just around the corner.

Try today: Light-Medium roasted Colombia Huila.


Innovating into Year 3

Espresso Elevado turns three the first week of March!

One of our ongoing goals is to continue to innovate, as we have since our first day. We love mixology, and being a bit unconventional, and that’s part of the reason why people keep coming back! They know we’ll take them on a unique flavor journey that can’t be experienced anywhere else.

So, where do we get our inspiration? Well, some of our innovations just come from listening to our customers. This happened last year when someone asked, “Do you have anything smaller than a cappuccino, but larger than a macchiato?” Our response, “Why sure! We can do a cortado.” And so, our version of the 5oz cortado, made with double espresso and served in a rocks glass, came to be.

Other times, a light bulb goes off in the head of one or more of our staff, and we take off on all kinds of flavor blending tangents. Sometimes, we even innovate the innovation! With the cortado, we infused the espresso shot with sweet cinnamon, and then finished it with cinnamon sugar. A simple twist that is subtle and delightful!

Now, we’re testing more infused espresso shots, and plan to offer them starting this Spring (if it ever arrives!) We thank you for your patronage. It’s been another awesome year!