Manual Brewing
All of our brewed coffees are ground to order, with water precisely temped & weighed, then crafted by hand. This allows you to get the best possible flavor, and also guarantees that your cup will never be stale or lukewarm.

Our main brew method is Hand Poured using the Hario V-60, but we also offer French Press, Clever Dripper, and Aeropress.

Classic Espresso Drinks
Our espresso beverages are special for many reasons. Aside from being poured by super skilled Baristas with our own fresh-roasted beans, we use filtered reverse osmosis water and local Guernsey Dairy milk. We also have the widest selection of premium alternative milks in the area!!

Our Synesso is a stable & beautiful workhorse of an espresso machine, hand built in Seattle, WA. It enables us to deliver beverages of the highest caliber. Purists will appreciate a double ristretto shot pulled from a unique single-origin bean, or a classic macchiato with our award-winning Route 606 Espresso Blend.

Special House Drinks
We believe every drink should be innovative & handcrafted… all the way down to the simple syrup. Each Special House Drink we serve is a creation unique to Espresso Elevado using the most flavorful natural or organic ingredients. We also source locally whenever possible and are proud to feature Bobilin Honey in our Curried Honey Latte.

Two of our signature lattes have earned first place awards at a local latte competition!

Seasonal Features
We are passionate about mixology and are constantly blending and testing different combinations of extracts, fruits, flowers, herbs, spices, and sweeteners. Our seasonal features change every couple of months and are all original culinary-inspired creations by our Baristas.

SUMMERTIME IS ON!!!  Check out our cool new seasonal specials:

Chocolate Raspberry Cold Brew
Housemade raspberry sauce & Guernsey chocolate milk turns cold brew into a dreamy truffle.

Island Coconut Latte
A heavenly coconut sauce that will remind you of sun & sand

Peachy Rose Espresso Cream Soda
Our peachy rose simple syrup adds a fruity twist to a refreshing summertime favorite.

Sweets and Other Options
If you’re not a fan of coffee, we also serve what one customer describes as “world famous Hot Chocolate,” as well as our house-made Elevado Chai latte.  We are also proud to offer a selection of organic loose leaf tea and tisanes from Art of Tea in Beverly Hills, CA and Light of Day Organics in Traverse City, MI.  Light of Day farm is actually Michigan’s (and North America’s) only certified Demeter Biodynamic tea farm!

To go along with your beverage, we feature a variety of fresh-baked local pastries including scones, pound cake, brownies, cookies, biscotti, and pizzelles.   For scone lovers, in addition to our in-house recipes, we’ve started working with Raging Squirrel Bakery. You can also enjoy your coffee with an amazing fresh-baked cookie from local specialists Darla & Francine’s Cookie Table.  Our local bakers all operate out of Proud Mitten Kitchen in the new Plymouth Arts & Recreation Complex (PARC).

For chocolate addicts we are now offering fabulous artisan chocolates from Chuao Chocolatier, the first Venezuelan chocolatier based in the U.S. and developed by Master Chef Michael Antonorsi.   And, for those that are gluten free (and even for those that aren’t) our treats from Rumi’s Passion are incredibly tasty!