The Process


Our San Franciscan roaster is a hand-crafted American-made work of art, designed and built by coffee roasting professionals in Carson City, NV, and is perfect for our small-batch roasts. We roast in the light to medium-dark range because we believe it brings out the most interesting flavors in the beans such as fruit, nut, and spice notes.


We carefully select and cup every lot of green beans in our roastery in order to best describe its flavor profile. We start by smelling the ground coffee for fragrance notes. Next, we pour hot water over the grounds and smell for aromatic notes. Last, we slurp the liquid and taste for flavor notes. Our collective experience of the coffee becomes the basis for the descriptive labels you’ll find on our bags.

Current Selections

Everyone seems to love our natural Brazils, and they are indeed versatile crowd-pleasers! This classic natural lot comes from the highlands of a large family farm.  We find it to be very even & mellow with a subtle berry note that we haven’t seen before. Makes an enjoyable “basic black” or a solid bodied single-origin espresso.

  • Region: Andradas, Sul de Minas
  • Process:  Full natural, sun dried
  • Roast:  Medium
  • Notable:  Organically grown
  • Tasting Notes: Nutty chocolate with soft grape acidity and unexpected mixed berry tones.  A nice twist on a crowd-pleasing fave!

Route 606 is our ever-evolving medium roast house blend with solid body & a clean finish. Gets you in the express lane as a straight shot and is a sublime ride in a latte.

*2016 Bronze Medal winner in Compak Golden Bean roasting competition!

  • Region: The Americas and East Africa
  • Variety: House blend
  • Process: Washed & natural beans
  • Notable: Blend of fair trade & organically-grown
  • Tasting Notes: Caramel, cocoa nibs, cherry, orange rind, light lemon.

Ethically sourced from the most reputable cooperatives, our Decaf Cascadia Blend is incredibly flavorful and complex. The SWISS WATER® Process is environmentally friendly, chemical free, and 99.9% caffeine free. Don’t settle for less… this coffee tastes amazing!

  • Region: Latin America, Indonesia, Africa
  • Process:SWISS WATER® Decaffeination
  • Notable: Organically-grown, fair trade
  • Roast:  Medium
  • Tasting NotesCocoa with toffee sweetness and herbal notes. Full body; green apple acidity. Excels as espresso and brew!

Our latest Sumatra is a find, considering the rough year they’ve had on the island between monsoon rains, dry spells and the volcanic eruption by Mount Sinabung this past February.  About 50% of this year’s harvest has been lost 🙁  We have roasted these beans medium-dark for fuller body and sweetness with very mild acidity, and if you’re an Indonesian coffee fan, you’ll love the traditional wet-hulled flavor profile. Pairs well with rich desserts and is also nice with cream.

  • Region: Permata, Bener Meriah
  • Producers:  Koperasi Permata Gayo
  • Process: Traditional wet hulled
  • Notable: Organically-grown
  • Tasting Notes: Chocolate, spicy, winey, earthy, cedar & fresh tobacco.  Makes a sweet, interesting brew with fuller body.  Nice with cream!

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