Looking for more than a job? Join our C.A.U.S.E.

Since the day we opened, the values that have guided our work at Espresso Elevado have been described in an acronym that we call our C.A.U.S.E.:  To build Connections, to work with Artistry, to remain Unconventional, to foster Sustainability, and to Elevate our products and service as well as each other.  When faced with a difficult decision, I can almost always find clarity by consulting our values.

If our values resonate with you AND you are willing to become a student of coffee, perhaps we should talk.  On the surface, we are interviewing folks for a Barista position.  However, with the widespread use of super automatics, oftentimes “barista” doesn’t amount to much more than button pushing these days.  So, what we are really looking for is a trusted individual to join our passionate and cohesive team of coffee professionals.  Someone who is genuinely service-oriented and who will thrive in the quirky little community we’ve established in our shop.  Some knowledge of coffee beyond “I love Caramel Macchiatos!” will definitely be an asset, but we’ll provide full training to someone who “gets us”.

Still interested? Send a resume to info@espressoelevado.com along with your thoughts on:

*Best coffee experience ever & why
*Your favorite coffee drink
*Why you would like to work at E2


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