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Java Taman Dadar


This is a really nice lot of beans from the island of Java.  It’s cupping spicy & sweet and is proving to be a delicious single origin coffee and also a good blender.  Roasted medium-dark for those that enjoy a bolder cup and something to stand up to rich, creamy desserts.  Taman Dadar means “flower garden” and describes the way the coffee plants are colorfully grown among other native plants.

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  • Region: Eastern Java, Indonesia; Curah Tatal & Kayumas villages
  • Process: Wet-hulled; sun dried
  • Notable: Organically-grown by smallholders; Rainforest Alliance
  • Tasting Notes: Baker’s chocolate, bourbon, hickory, nutmeg, clove, caramelized orange acidity.
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Aeropress, Auto Drip, Espresso Pump-Driven, Espresso Steam-Driven, French Press, Hand-Poured, Moka pot, My K-Cup, Whole Bean


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